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The newspaper is delivered into school’s every Friday. Teachers say that children of all abilities enjoy using it, and it develops and stretches their reading skills. With a huge range of articles there’s something for everyone in each issue.

The iHub, our digital reading platform, is updated every Monday. You’ll find a range of topical debates, polls, comprehensions, word puzzles and writing challenges based on First News stories. Use it on tablets, laptops and desktops.

The worksheets are available every Friday. The topical comprehensions, word puzzles, debates and new quizzes are based on that week’s newspaper. They develop knowledge, opinions and vocabulary of cross-curricular content.

Why choose First News

  • Aligned to the reading curriculum
  • Suitable for all abilities and learners in Years 3-8 (P4-S2)
  • Proven to improve reading skills
  • High quality and engaging new content each week
  • Topical activities based around current affairs
  • Develops children’s understanding of the world

More Services

International Schools

Home Educators

Literacy at Home

Each week our newspaper covers key issues from all regions around the world. We help children understand global events with expertly written and researched articles, easy to digest articles and amazing images.

As a home educator you can subscribe to First News and get access to our weekly reading activities for Key Stages 2-3 (P4-S2). We have a range of different packages for you to choose from.

Use your passion for literacy to encourage parents to sign up to First News at home. Find out more about our introductory offer for parents and print a leaflet to add to your pupils’ book bags.

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