First News for Schools - First News is the UK's only newspaper for young people and a highly engaging literacy resource for schools. A range of school packages are available, including our new Literacy iHub, a digital literacy tool for 7-14 year olds.

Case Studies

NLT Research


A National Literacy Trust evaluation in May – July 2015 of First News activities in schools found that children made significant progress in reading, and their attitudes to and behaviours around reading improved.

Newspaper Case Study

“The children in my class all love First News and frequently make links between the things they hear in the news and read in the newspaper.”

Newspaper Case Study

iHub Case Study

“I strongly recommend subscribing to the First News Literacy iHub as part of your package. It enables a more constructive and active use of the paper.”

iHub Case Study

Reading Package Case Study

“Children of every ability really benefited from reading the newspapers and all the activities linked with them.”

Reading Package Case Study

Case Study – Year 4 Fittleworth Primary

My year 4 class participated in the First News Research Project in summer 2015. Both the children and myself thoroughly enjoyed it. Each week we’d eagerly wait for the postman to deliver the paper and we’d always be excited to see what was on the front page!

“First News is easy to integrate into Guided Reading”

It was straightforward to integrate First News into my guided reading sessions. Where previously the focus was mainly on fiction, First News provided a new and exciting direction for them.

“We saw big changes in reading confidence”

In the teacher lead sessions we had in-depth discussions on many different articles over the eight weeks. Pupils were then enthusiastic to carry out the individual activities each day. I noticed a big change in their reading confidence.

“My pupils began to talk about their reading”

Many children would tell me they were talking about what they read at home. I had reports from parents about the dicussions that were taking place at home, round the dinner table, in the car on the way to and from school, walking the dog!

“They made links across the curriculum”

I was surprised to see how independently children transferred what they learnt from reading the newspaper and linked it with other areas of the curriculum.

“Children of all abilities benefit”

Children of every ability really benefited from reading the newspapers and all the activities linked with them.

The First News Reading Package is great guided reading material and we plan to use it throughout KS2 from September.